Easy and Effective E-mail Marketing

If you are planning to implement e-mail marketing campaigns, periodically send newsletters, or maybe you have an e-mail adresses base and want to make money out of it – AdMailer5 will help you.

Admailer5 - Easily find an e-mail addresses from the Internet

Easily search the Web for e-mail addresses

AdMailer5 software allows easy and fast searching of the Internet for e-mails by using the main search engines (chosen keywords). Our mailing software can also import emails from text files (.txt), or from the contents of websites, and also allows you to add e-mails manually.
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AdMailer5 is an extremely efficient way to obtain various e-mail addresses of your potential customers. Just type in the keywords describing the category which interests you and emails will be automatically found and added to a previously created e-mail group. The program also allows you to import e-mail addresses from text files and folders and enter them manually. Adding e-mail addresses has never been so easy and effective. Thanks to quickly built databases of addresses you can gradually increase your customer base.
Admailer5 - Simple sending thousands of e-mails

Simple sending of thousands of e-mails

Our mailing software allows you to send thousands of e-mails with just one mouse click! Define the base, set the number of messages per hour and all the rest is done by the AdMailer software.
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Our mailing software allows you to send large numbers of e-mails to potential customers with minimal effort. It’s very easy – after creating a base of e-mail addresses, just set the number of messages to be sent per time period and that’s it – your e-commerce is sent to the world! Just one click and thousands of customers, companies and consumers will know about your business. Thanks to one of the greatest ways to achieve success in running a business.
Admailer5 - Full mailing statistics

Full mailing statistics

AdMailer5 mailing software allows you to evaluate the efficiency of your e-mail campaigns with one look at the mailing statistics tab. We provide you with simple and useful tools to show the results of your mailing campaigns.
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AdMailer5 software allows you to get information about e-mails sent and to show their stats, in which you’ll find information about:

  • How many messages were opened,
  • How many times links sent in the message were clicked,
  • How many people clicked a “receive an offer” link.
Admailer5 - Newsletter on Your website

Newsletter on your website

Would you like to have a newsletter on your website? It’s easy! The software will generate the html code for you, which you just have to add to your website, and you can enjoy having a newsletter which will be directly integrated with the software.
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Another functionality to facilitate the development of your business on the Internet. Use the newsletter on your website to attract, potential new customers. Do not wait any longer than you have to. Admailer5 program will help you to generate code that you then just have to post on the site. All e-mails are stored in the progress database, as defined by your group, you do not need to do anything else.
Server: Linux PHP required: >= 5.3.0 Recommended: >= 5.4.0 (running as a module, not as CGI) MySQL >= 5.0 (size of the database min. 100MB) Additionally: FTP (min. 25MB) Modules:disable safe_mode (safe_mode = Off), disable path open_basedir (;open_basedir =), CRON (Task manager), cURL (with option CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION), PDO Mysql, IonCube (od v3.1.29), mod_rewrite Functions Imap. Browser: FireFox >=3.5